Tropics Finally Awakening!
By natgasweather

Tropics Finally Awakening!

August 29, 2022: There’s been very little tropical cyclone activity in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Basin so far this summer, although that’s changing as numerous waves have the potential to strengthen in the coming weeks. In fact, there are 4 separate tropical systems the National Hurricane Center is watching this week, with the most notable in the Caribbean and with the potential to track into the Gulf of Mexico this coming weekend. Additional systems over the Atlantic Basin also could develop later this week, although the tracks thereafter remain uncertain. With tropical systems also in the Pacific Basin, we expect the weather models will struggle in the weeks ahead as they try to resolve strength and track of all these tropical systems. This could lead to erratic weather trends in the weather models and where big changes on longer time scales are possible.

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  • August 29, 2022

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