Releases Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) Analytics Services
Provides new predictions and trends generated from Machine Learning models trained daily on GFS and European weather model datasets.
(May 20, 2019)– has just released a new ML/AI service to subscribers. The new service provides daily predictions and trends generated from machine learning models trained daily on weather and energy data. Predictions are generated for both European and GFS weather model datasets, providing analytics and predictions for the three upcoming EIA weekly nat gas storage forecasts.
Computer scientists who specialize in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence at are excited to provide this new service as our machine learning models have been in research and development the past 5 years with increasingly accurate results. The team felt it was time to roll-out the first release of our new analytics, with additional releases coming.
The new machine learning 6-page analytics report tracks 24-hour trends in the GFS and European model HDD/CDD’s and predicts their impacts on changes to EIA build size.
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The Machine Learning Analytics is part of our Live HDD/CDD Weather Model Data subscription. This specialized service is based on real-time heating and cooling degree data as the weather models are released throughout the day. We believe our method of calculating HDD & CDD’s is superior and very scientific, resulting in very accurate HDD & CDD statistics. There are two primary packages, once that includes 45-day CFS forecast data. Both include Machine Learning/AI Analytics for the coming three EIA Weekly Storage Reports. The Climate Forecast System (CFS) is a climate model that we provide live HDD & CDD statistics out to 45 days for, ideal for longer term demand predictions. We also provide customized statistics for anywhere in the country or world.
For this Thursday’s EIA storage report, the GFS data predicts a build of +97 Bcf before accounting for the Memorial Day Holiday, which we predict will add +9 Bcf to the build for a +106 Bcf build.

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