Subscribe To Our Daily Nat Gas Weather Reports or Live HDD/CDD Data Here  provides daily weather forecasts focused on the nat gas industry, specifically how weather will effect pricing.  We charge a fee of $69, which we feel is a quite reasonable, especially if you are trading any ETF’s or futures related to the nat gas markets. You will also receive hurricane, summer, and winter outlooks, as well as updates on El Nino among others.

We offer four different packages. One is subscription to our Daily Reports, Mid-Day Updates, and Outlooks for $69/month. Our second service is access to our Live HDD/CDD Weather Models Statistics for $99/month. We offer a discounted rate of $119/month if you subscribe to both.  We have a new service for advanced HDD & CDD Weather Model statistics, the most powerful statistics available as they strong correlations between weather trends and price.  

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  • $69   monthly per individual for Daily Reports & Midday Updates
  • $99   Access to LIVE HDD/CDD Weather Model Statistics (GFS, ECMWF, CFS, etc)
  • $119    For Both Daily Reports/Updates & Access to Live HDD/CDD Data
  • $199   Advanced 15-Day Run Total HDD/CDD Statistics (the most powerful statistics available)
  • $300   6-months for Daily Reports & Updates (click here)
  • $500   6-months for Live HDD/CDD Data & Live Daily Reports & Updates (click here)
Subscription Packages offers daily weather forecasts emailed to you before the markets open which highlights weather of concern over the coming 2 months for the nat gas and heating markets.  It is typically 10 pages in length with selected images included and is followed with an update mid-day after fresh forecast data comes in.  Also included is tracking HDD/CDD for EIA weekly reports, as well as estimates in  Bcf. In addition, you will receive our exclusive Hurricane and Summer Outlooks as well as the Winter Outlook and Critical Weather Alerts for weather conditions that will move in nat gas prices and effect demand. The cost of the monthly subscription is $69 for individual investors. For companies wishing to subscribe, the price is $249 for up to 8 employees receiving all subscription benefits.   If you are not satisfied at any time, you can cancel without fee.

Your subscription includes:

  • Daily Weather Forecast
  • Mid-Day Pattern Update
  • Summer Outlooks
  • Hurricane Forecast
  • Winter Outlooks


  • $69 monthly per individual
  • $399 for up to 8 people
  • For more than 10 people, contact us for a discounted price quote

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  • Call us –   1888-724-9915
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Subscribe to our Live HDD/CDD Weather Model Statistics & Live Forum Here:

Live HDD & CDD Weather Model Data

We offer live weather model based heating and cooling degree data as the weather models are released throughout the day. We believe our method of calculating HDD & CDD’s is superior and very scientific based, resulting in very accurate HDD & CDD statistics. Subscription to our Live HDD/CDD weather statistic data also includes our Machine Learning/AI Analytics for the coming three EIA Weekly Storage Reports and access to our private real-time forum on Our weather statistics are provided for all major weather models, including the Climate Forecast System (CFS) that forecasts out 45-days. We also can provide customized statistics for clients for any location in the world.

We expect you will find our HDD and CDD tables, graphs, maps, and analytics extremely useful in catching price moves as we provide the data ahead of as fast as major market participants receive it. In additional to national totals, we can provide customized real time HDD/CDD output for EIA regions down to user defined areas and scales, making the data very useful for energy companies or location specific interests.
As part of your Live HDD/CDD subscription, you will also have access to our private forum on the platform where we provide live commentary focusing on real-time weather model statistics and maps used to highlight important weathe trends.
If you are interested in subscribing to both our Daily Forecast and Live HDD/CDD Weather Statistics package, email us at for a discount price.
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