Heating & Cooling Degree Data

Live Real Time Weather Model HDD & CDD Data



We are excited to announce weather model based heating and cooling degree data live as the weather models are released throughout the day.  We believe our method of calculating HDD & CDD’s is superior and very scientific based, resulting in very accurate statistics  We currently have output for the GFS, GFS Ensembles, GFS Ensemble-Bias Corrected, and Canadian Ensembles, and hope to add the European model soon.  Below is a link to the data as it comes out live, which we will make freely available for the next week. It’s a $79/mo subscription, but will be increasing in price after as we add new weekly features and statistics that will help you see weather trends before the market does.  In fact, we have yet to find a website that provides the weather model data faster than our tables populate.  We expect you will find the tables to be extremely useful to catching price moves as weather data comes out near or faster than what most of the markets sees.  In additional to national totals, we can customize real time HDD/CDD output tables for EIA regions down to user defined areas and scales, making the data very useful for energy companies or location specific interests.  We don’t think you will find as accurate and as timely HDD/CDD data as we have developed.


If you are interested in signing up for the live data feed or have questions about it, email us at forecasts@natgasweather.com