May 8, 2023: is pleased to announce the release of our new advanced Heating & Cooling Degree Day weather model statistics for the natural gas and energy markets.  We believe these are the most advanced Heating and Cooling Degree Day statistics available as they show strong correlations to when weather patterns and weather trends are impacting natural gas prices.  Traditional HDD/CDD statistics tend to focus on weather trends over the past 24-hours, while our advanced statistics are analyzing weather trends over numerous days, while also accumulating trends of the same sign for days up to weeks.

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Presentations on how to interpret the data:

1) Advanced HDD/CDD Accumulated Trends & Price Reaction
2) Heat Map & Price Reaction

View Traditional HDD/CDD Weather Statistics Free (GFS, ECMWF, CFS, etc.)

Traditional HDD/CDD Weather Statistics
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Below are snapshots from our Advanced HDD/CDD Statistics