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Monday: MVP pipeline becoming operational weights on natural gas prices despite record hot 2nd half of June pattern.
Monday:  Natural gas prices are lower after the weekend break, down for the 4th session in a row. This is despite the hottest pattern of the past 45-years forecast by both the GFS and EC models. Strong selling has been aided by the announcement the MVP pipeline became operational late last week. The image above shows how the 15-day forecast by both the GFS and EC are the hottest of the past 45-years based on run total CDDs.

US Natural Gas Weather Forecast provides daily weather forecasts and weather statistics developed specifically for the energy markets, with the focus on natural gas.  We are committed to providing exceptional service backed by our Certified Consultant Meteorologists, the highest credentialed meteorologist designation by the American Meteorological Society.  Our team of meteorologists understand the unique challenges facing natural gas traders and aims to deliver accurate and reliable weather information tailored specifically for their needs. offers daily weather forecasts with the focus on weather conditions that will drive nat gas and heating demand over the coming 2-3 months but with emphasis on the next 15-days.  The Daily Report contains a comprehensive narrative, as well as many pages of important weather images and natural gas metrics.  The Mid-Day update is issued after fresh midday forecast data comes in.  If you are not satisfied at any time you can cancel without fee. We also offer Live HDD/CDD weather model statistics as a separate service. For more information click here.

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Why Subscribe? offers expert weather analysis and real-time trending weather statistics for the natural gas and energy markets.  Our weather experts closely monitor weather patterns and trends to provide insightful analysis to help our clients make informed decisions.  Our platform provides detailed Daily Natural Gas Weather Reports, as well as timely Midday and Afternoon Updates, highlighting potential impacts on supply and demand.  We also provide access to real-time Live updating weather statistics from the major weather models, such as the ECMWF, GFS, CFS, and more.  These Live updating weather statistics compare national Heating Degree Days (HDD) and Cooling Degree Days (CDD) to 30 and 10-year normals, while also showcasing trends of the major weather models over the past 12 and 24 hours.  This includes HDD and CDD forecasts and trends for the South-Central, East, Midwest, Mountain, and Pacific EIA regions. 

Our Advanced HDD/CDD Weather Statistics package is our most powerful offering for natural gas traders and energy companies as we accumulate HDD and CDD weather trends over periods of days to weeks to highlight how weather patterns and trends are impacting natural gas prices. This allows our clients to stay ahead of market trends and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.   Included are Winter and Summer Outlooks, as well as updates to ENSO (El Nino/La Nina).  Our comprehensive reports also provide forecasts for the next three EIA Weekly Storage Reports, as well as long-range forecasts from the ECMWF and CFS weather models.  Finally, wind, solar, and weather element forecasts and statistics are also provided for the major ISO’s, including ERCOT, SPP, MISO, CAISO, and PJM.

This Weeks Nat Gas Demand

June 17-23   Strong high pressure will rule much of the southern and eastern halves of the US this week w/highs of upper 80s-100s, including highs of mid-90s Chicago Monday, then 90s over most East Coast cities Tue-Thu. The cooler exception the next several days will be the Northwest to N. Plains as weather systems track through w/showers and highs of upper 50s to 70s. Overall, HIGH demand.

June 6 EIA Reports vs Normal

EIA Nat Gas Report: June 13

Nat Gas In Underground Storage

June 13:   Today’s EIA weekly nat gas storage report printed a build of +74 Bcf, in line with market expectations, while a little smaller the 5-year average of +89 Bcf to decrease surpluses to +573 Bcf.  The build increased supplies from 2,974 Bcf to 2,900 Bcf.

Live Wx Model HDD/CDD Data

We also provide Live Weather Model HDD/CDD Statistics as a separate service. To learn more click HERE.