Natural Gas Weather specializes in consulting services for a variety of sectors and industries, from large businesses to small.  If your company or event relies on accurate weather forecasts, Natural Gas Weather is here to meet your needs. We provide forecasts in a variety of ways to help you make the soundest decisions possible and in a variety of formats.  Natural Gas Weather is focused on delivering accurate and reliable weather forecasts, whether it be a single forecast or many, designed to your specifications.


For more information about our consulting services email, call, or fill out the form below:

forecasts@natgasweather (dot) com   888-PCH-WX15



Some Industries We Serve:

  • Commodity and Energy trading firms, utilities, and independent traders
  • Agricultural community, including farmers, grain operators, ag transportation
  • Surfing & Sailing Events
  • Mariners (Transocean shipping, races, yachts, trip planning, ports, fishing)
  • Aviation (air shows, air travel safety, companies specializing in aviation services, airports)
  • Legal Cases-Law Firms/Attorneys (forensics)
  • Insurance Companies (forensics)
  • Transportation Departments & Trucking
  • Recreation (golf courses, theme parks, College and Professional sports teams, weddings, outdoor venues or events, ski resorts)
  • Businesses in a known weather threat area (flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires)
  • TV and Film Shoots
  • Weather Risk Analysis and Planning
  • Commerce or anything where weather will negatively or positively impact sales (sales dependent on weather, examples: snow shovels, winter clothing, hurricane supplies, etc…)
  • On-Site weather support for weather emergencies for the safety of the public or their employees
  • Government Agencies
  • Alternative Energy (Wind & Solar)