If you are trading natural gas markets, weather forecasts couldn’t be more important this winter season as supply shortages in Europe and Asia have led to spiking natural gas prices around the globe.  This sets up an exceptionally volatile winter ahead, where access to real time weather trends and forecasts could lead to huge gains for traders as they stay apprised of weather trends ahead of or before the nat gas markets react.   Click the link for today’s complimentary natural gas weather report from NatGasWeather.com, a division of RM Weather Consultants, so you can see the critical weather information and trends we provide to natural gas traders.  We also provide Live HDD/CDD weather model statistics that process as fast as they are released from NOAA and the ECMWF, giving you a huge advantage by seeing the weather data trend warmer or colder in real-time.  To convince you how useful/valuable our daily reports, updates, and Live HDD/CDD weather statistics are, we are providing you free temporary access to our Daily Reports/Updates and Live HDD/CDD weather model statistics so you can see for yourself whether the latest weather data is trending hotter or colder in real time.
Today’s Daily Nat Gas Weather Report – Free   (click here)
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Our Daily Nat Gas Weather Reports and Live HDD/CDD Weather Statistics Data Includes:

  • US Weather Forecasts Days 1-16 Days
  • US Longer Range Weather Forecasts – EIA Weeks 3-8
  • Asia/Europe Weather Forecasts Days 1-15
  • Asia/Europe Weather Forecasts Weeks 3-5
  • Monthly US HDD/CDD Forecasts – 1-3 Months
  • 16-Day HDD/CDD Forecasts – National and EIA Regions
  • HDD/CDD Speed Trend – Intraday Forecasts
  • 45-Day CFS Ensemble HDD/CDD National and EIA Regional Forecasts –
  • Winter & Summer Outlooks
  • EIA Weekly Storage Report Forecasts
  • US Wind Energy Generation
  • LNG Exports/Feedgas – US
  • Commentary on weather trends and impacts to the natural gas markets
  • And More!

Email us for a free 10-day trial to our daily reports & Live/Real-Time HDD/CDD weather model statistics data.   helpdesk@natgasweather.com