Selected Weather Images

Wednesday’s Weather: Hot high pressure will dominate much of the country apart from the north-central US where a weather system will track across with showers and thunderstorms. Under the hot dome, Texas and the South will be quite miserable with highs in the 90s to 100s, including up the Atlantic Coast into the Northeast. The West will also heat up over the coming days.

8-15 Day Outlook 8-15 Day Outlook (August 5th – August 12th): Strong high pressure will dominate the western and southern US with hot temperatures, including over much of Texas and California. Weather systems with showers and cooling will track across the Midwest and Northeast, providing slightly cooler than normal

Highs today will again be quite hot over the southern and eastern US with mainly 90s to 100s. This will push the Heat Index into uncomfortable values due to high humidities to drive very strong demand for cooling. It will also be hot over the West, but not so much over the north-central US.

We expect hot high pressure to hold strong into early next week with upper 80s to 100s over much of the county except the upper Great Lakes where cooling out of Canada will spill across. Image is for highs next Monday. Note it being quite hot over the West, Texas, and the NE Coast, although with cooing spilling a bit further south out of Canada as the week progresses.

The image shows the upper level pattern during the middle of next week. Of importance, a strong cool blast will be riding around the periphery of hot high pressure over the far northern US, with it remaining very warm to hot over the the southern 2/3rds of the country. Cooler air will gradually spill a bit deeper into the northern US late in the week, but the dome of high pressure is proving to be quite strong into next week and will need close watching that it might try to hold stronger after August 5th than expected.

The expectation is for cooler air to push into the northern and eastern US as August unfolds, such as the image depicts around August 7-8th, which would be viewed as bearish if it happens. But be careful as hotter patterns can try to stall longer into August.